At this point I’ve blacklisted probably 3/4 of a fandom I am in, including things I ship and characters I like. It’s getting hard to think of why I’m staying. This shit is beyond ridiculous.

  1. tenderesttouch said: :«<
  2. stuffimgoingtohellfor said: yessssss come join me and bti. We have snacks.
  3. bewaretheides315 said: Come join me spiraling into Pinto and Star Trek! I’ve lost control of my life!
  4. pornitude said: I don’t like to have idiots dictate what I’m doing / what fandom I’m in. Don’t drink from the hose! many of use never do. Wankery can’t ruin your life if you don’t even know it’s there / never look at it. Fandom’s not only on tumblr, either.
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    Channel your anger into angsty porn! ???
  6. ionsquare said: I don’t follow any teen wolf related tags on tumblr. I never have and I never will. It keeps me sane.
  7. hils79 said: And this is why I never got into the Teen Wolf fandom. It was bad enough with all the SPN wank
  8. nightrevelations said: it hasn’t gotten that bad for me yet….but maybe take a tumblr break? i might soon.
  9. nomnompics said: LOL, I haven’t seen this wank everyone keeps alluding to. Must be because I only follow awesome people ;)
  10. wolfbad said: I tend to stay in my tiny corner but yeah, i’ve more or less tried to blacklist anything that isnt fic/art. i don’t even tag post i make cause i jsut don’t want to deal with wank
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